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Dholera Smart city news is making headlines

As the progress towards development of the first smart city is in full strength, Dholera smart city news is making headlines in all media channels.

As per the latest Dholera smart city news , the trunk infrastructure work is in full spree and is expected to be completed by 2018-19. The state government has allotted 22.5 square kilometer activation area for such infrastructure development and the central government has allotted Rs. 3,000 crore for the same. This is the biggest sum allotted by the government to any smart city as the other 100 smart cities shall be sanctioned Rs. 100 crore (Appx) each per year for five years.

dholera smart city latest news

Dholera smart city news is also being viewed by foreign investors who are weighing their options to invest in the city. Experts say that the city has superior potential and a promising future which shall certainly not disappoint global investors. Dholera is expected to generate 2-3 times return within a short period of time which in current times, no other investment option can generate.

While, we are talking about the Dholera smart city news , the excellent connectivity of the region is definitely worth a mention. The region shall be connected to all important Indian cities through a 6 lane highway, railways, metro and port. An important update on the Dholera smart city news is the approval of Airport Authority of India for development of the Federa international airport, 20 kilometers from Dholera. This step shall be instrumental in connecting India�s first smart city to the globe.

Dholera is the first step towards the transformation that India is all set for.

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