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Dholera SIR Project: Narendra Modi's brainchild

Dholera Project is probably one of the biggest that Indian governmenthas ever visualized - A project that shall be twice the size of Mumbai and six times that of Shanghai.

As the challenges of urbanization were constantly on the rise, it had become imperative for India to come up with a solution that can combat the adverse situation. The most effective solution to the issue seemed to be development of a 100 smart cities spread across India; Dholera SIR Project being the first one.

Dholera Project

The Dholera project encompasses an area of 920 square kilometers and is being developed in the state of Gujarat. The dream project of Mr. Modi, Dholera SIR Project took birth long before he became the Prime Minister of India. The city shall be made up of uncompromised infrastructure and state of art technology. Dholera Project shall be a home to millions of people in search of affordable housing and thousands of companies looking for a place to establish and expand their businesses.

The proximity that Dholera SIR Project shares with the DMIC corridor makes the location even more desirable making it a potential global trading and manufacturing hub. To support further, the connectivity of the region has been well planned and connects it through roads, rail, metro, highway and air to all important cities of the world.

Undoubtedly, the Dholera Project is the perfect initiative to combat urbanization issues and a key investment option for all sort of investors.

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