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Dholera SIR Residential Plots

The best time to invest in Dholera SIR residential plots. Central government has granted Rs. 3,000 crore as seed money for commencement of the Dholera SIR project - An ambitious smart city project, first of its kind to be developed in India.

Built around an area of 920 square kilometers, development work has already been started on a strategic area of 22.5 kilometers. While majority of the land in this region is privately owned and shall have to be acquired from owners in a phase wise manner, various people across India and Globe are investing in residential plots in Dholera SIR. 10 percent of the land is state owned and the state government is making provision for it as its share of equity capital.

Residential Plots In Dholera Sir

Dholera SIR Residential Plots Features

Residential Plots In Dholera Sir

Dholera is also expected to pull in a lot of investors owing to the growth potential it seeming offers due to its first ever distinctive features. Lot of people are investing in residential plot in Dholera SIR. Government is also expecting to raise funds for the project through private players and foreign investors. The programme director of the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR), Mr. Jagdish Salgaonkar had told PTI at the World Cities Summit 2014 in Singapore that "Marketing of the sites at Dholera for setting up industrial and manufacturing bases has also started among Indian and international investors." As per him, the investment move has already been initiated by "Japan Investment Bank" which had invested commercially into this project.

Residential Projects in Dholera SIR is going on. Dholera SIR shall be the start of India turning into a manufacturing and industrial hub which shall be mainly led by international investors. The underlying inspiration for the project has been derived from the industrial townships in Japan and South Korea which are designed in a similar manner and are successful and commercially viable models as on date.

Residential Plots In Dholera, A dream city for investments and living is being developed along the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor! A city that can only be imagined to exist in India! The city of Dholera shall soon be a living reality. The best time to invest in residential plot in Dholera. Various investors across the globe are investing in Dholera residential plots. Best residential plots Dholera are available for investments with Dholera Smart City.

Once the development gains momentum, the next step that the government shall aim for is to attract both local and international manufacturers to set up their base in the Dholera SIR region. Modi's vision of "Make In India" should be taking form through set up of industries and manufacturing hubs in the upcoming smart cities ;both greenfield as well as brownfield projects.

One of the seven cities that has been planned on the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Dholera SIR is so far the largest project being undertaken in form of smart city - A project that shall surpass the size of Shanghai by six times.

The group will be launching multiple projects in India in the near future in the affordable housing segment. It also deals in sale of raw land such as agricultural, non-agricultural, industrial land, etc.

Modi's dream of building up 100 smart cities has raised new hopes amongst citizens and a fresh wave of energy now runs within the industries and manufacturing sectors - Hopefully to sustain forever!

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