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Dholera SIR Current Status

Dholera SIR current status is the talk of the town and a much discussed topic as the 100 smart city mission is gaining momentum.

Dholera is the fastest growing and the first smart city of India. Gigantic in size, it spreads across 920 square kilometers and aspires to be twice the size of Mumbai and six times that of Shanghai. While the city is becoming a hub for global trading and manufacturing activities, the state and centre are expressing enhanced interest in Dholera SIR current status .

Dholera Current Status

Dholera SIR current status update includes many important points of which a go ahead for development of Dholera international airport holds great importance. With the airport being built 20 kilometers from Dholera, the region shall become easily accessible for global multinationals resulting in heavy inflow of foreign investments.

Other important milestones that have been achieved so far to attain Dholera SIR current status includes:-

Work on Central spine road is under development
Location for the region has been identified with complete details of the area
Government issued a notification to 879 Sq. Km for Dholera SIR
A vital point contributing to Dholera SIR current status is allocation of 1700 hectares of land by government for development of international airport
Water logging, seismological & environment studies are being conducted in the region
GICC, the project development corporation has been formed
Metro rail connectivity - 5 Minutes

Dholera SIR current status reflects accelerated development within the region which shall prove to an inspiration for the 100 other smart cities that shall follow.

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