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Posted 2016-05-31 by Admin /

Fast Upcoming Greenfield Township Dholera: Want to Buy Residential Plots; Here is the Check list

Dholera, the only Greenfield smart city is fast developing. With relentless support from state and central government and positive response from fellow Indians, the city has begun treading the path of enormous economic success.

As industries are looking forward to start their operations from Dholera, land and plots are also being bought in the city for residential purpose. Going by expert views, Dholera shall generate outstanding ROI on real estate investments. However, before buying a plot here, does one know about the important checklist to follow?  Here we go!

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Posted 2016-05-27 by Admin /

Dholera International Airport at a Glance

Gujarat shall soon have two international airports; the first being in Ahmedabad and the second one being Dholera international airport which is in the making.

Ahmedabad airport shall soon reach its peak with the increasing number of passengers availing the facility. As per projections, the airport shall reach its saturation point by 2020. Due to the constraints faced in extending the facility further, the pressing need for another international airport close by was felt. This led to the emergence of Dholera international airport which is expected to be ready for use by 2020.

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Posted 2016-06-03 by Admin /

15 Things to Know before Purchasing a Plot in Dholera

Looking for Residential plots in Dholera? Before being a part of the awesome growth journey that Dholera's real estate market is scheduled for, here are some facts that one should know.

1.    Dholera SIR is the biggest Greenfield project that India has ever seen and the maiden smart city of the country. The area allotted for t ...

Posted 2016-06-02 by Admin /

Dholera Residential Plot Purchase- 10 'Must Know Facts' before you Strike a Deal

Dholera undoubtedly is a city with upcoming real estate boom. Many factors are having a positive impact on the property markets in Dholera which are expected to soar up exponentially.
More than 30 developers have entered the development phase of Residential housing complexes and townships within the city and also on the outskirts. Villages such as Pacchham, Akru, Ratanpur, Valinda, Fedara, Navagam, Pipli and Kamiyala are home to fast track construction activities and one shall soon be able to ...

Posted 2016-05-26 by Admin /

Land Acquisition Completed for Smart Cities on DMIC

A major step in the development of DMIC has been completed - land has been acquired for 4 of the 8 smart cities that shall be built along the corridor. This news has been confirmed in a newspaper interview by the CEO of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation. He also confirmed that development on the said land has begun.

The US$100 million project, DMIC is being built along 1,483 Kms and shall pass through six states: Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Ut ...

Posted 2016-05-25 by Admin /

Dholera SIR latest news: Dholera shall be ready to live in by 2019

Log on to Dholera SIR latest news and most news channels shall be speaking about the excitement of the city becoming livable by 2019.

As per Aecom, a US-based consulting firm which is the programme manager to implement theDholera project, the Special Investment region shall be functional with manufacturing units and host a population of about 1 lakh people by the year 2019.

A recent EPC contract that has been awarded to L&T for construction of roads and services in Dholera is being observed as a milestone step in rapid development of the city. A recent

Posted 2016-05-21 by Admin /

Metro Rail to Open up Faster Transit Possibilities between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad

100 kilometers metro linkage shall soon be established between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.The project aims to provide for a better and faster transit between the cities and link them efficiently with the city centres and other important destinations.

This elevated metro project shall be built in two phases spanning 61.55 kilometers and 38.45 kilometers respectively. The first phase shall connect Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar and the second phase shall connect Ahmedabad to Dholera. Since the project is supposed to have a long gestation period, it has been put on fast track by the state governm ...

Posted 2016-03-31 by Admin /

Dholera Outsmarts Kavarrati - Why?

The capital of Lakshadweep islands, Kavarrati's pristine white sand beaches has made it a major tourist attraction in the recent years. With literacy rate of 88.6% and a meager 3% families under poverty line (2001 census), the city has fared well for itself. Kavarrati has recently been declared as one of the 100 smart cities to be developed in India.  Let us draw a comparison between this beautiful tropical city and India's first smart city in terms of future potential and scope for investors.

Dholera, India's Biggest/Largest Greenfield Smart city of India, first ever of its kind t ...

Posted 2016-03-17 by Admin /

AMRUT - Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation for Dholera Smart City

Blog 32- AMRUT - Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation
AMRUT - Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation for Dholera Smart City

AMRUT stands for Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation. The purpose of this scheme is threefold:-

  •     To ensure that every household is facilitated with constant water supply and also a sewerage connection
  •     To maintain open spaces such as parks and foster greenery in the neighborhood to increa ...

Posted 2016-02-08 by Sonia Gupta /

Halcrow Shall Be the Master Planner for Dholera SIR

Halcrow, the British infrastructure development giant shall be the master planner for Dholera SIR, the first planned smart city of India. Development work of Dholera SIR shall be done by reputed technology conglomerates such as CISCO and IBM to ensure Information and Communication Technology is deployed in every aspect making the smart city smarter They [...]


Posted 2016-02-08 by Sonia Gupta /

Verticals That Shall Make Dholera a Smart City Have Been Identified

Dholera Smart city in Gujarat is a Greenfield project and the first smart city of India. The concept of smart city is however relative and differs from country to country. India has defined it with the help of 10 verticals that it believes should be a part of the smart city to make it really [...]


Posted 2016-02-08 by admin /

Dholera Positioned to Attract Better Investments than Jhansi

Dholera is dream project of our PM. Narendra Modi’s government has taken the issue of urbanization as a challenge and converted this into an opportunity for transforming India and taking it towards sustainable development. That is why the government has come up with the concept of smart cities. One of which is Dholera SIR and [...]


Posted 2016-02-08 by Sonia Gupta /

Dholera SIR is in the list of Top Global Next generation Smart City says CNN

Modi’s favorite smart city project, Dholera SIR is experiencing accelerated development on receiving back to back clearances and sanctioning of funds. The project which was conceptualized in 2007 was the brain child and dream project envisioned by Mr. Modi during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. After a long gestation period, the project [...]


Posted 2016-02-08 by admin /

Demand for residential plots in Dholera spurs as rentals remain stagnant in metros

Residential Plots in Dholera the “Affordable housing for all by 2022” vision envisaged by Mr. Modi has caused quite a buzz amongst the developers, land owners and citizens looking out to rent or own a home. This has also led to the rents getting stagnated with marginal increase in rentals in the metros and residential [...] ...

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