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Dholera airport project shall soon take over Ahmedabad International Airport traffic

The Dholera international airport shall soon uplift the heavy traffic from the Ahmedabad airport which is about to reach its saturation levels.

29 kilometers from Dholera and 80 kilometers from Ahmedabad, the Dholera Airport project shall be built on 1700 acres of land and is expected to have two huge runways on it. Approval has been received from the Airport Authority of India for the Dholera Airport and land has been allotted for the project by the government.

Dholera international airport

The region has been planned in a very careful manner and is well connected through all modes of transport including rail, road, metro and port. Dholera Airport shall enhance the connectivity manifold and also increase the investment potential of India�s first smart city.The go ahead on the Dholera Airport project shall serve as an open invitation for all global investors to park their funds in the city and earn exponential returns over a period of time.

Development work has begun in Dholera and trunk infrastructure components are being built on 22.5 square kilometers activation area. The city is divided into 6 town planning schemes, Town Planning scheme 1 allotted for residential housing purpose. Dholera is expected to be completed by 2040 and shall be developed in three phases.The Dholera international airport is a key addition to the city�s development and shall be instrumental in its advancement.

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